Frequently Asked Questions


When would be more weeks available to book in the calendar?

Our calendar allows our users to make reservations maximum two months in advance. That's why on Mondays each week unlocks a new one, coinciding with the day which falls on Monday of next week to release.


Is it possible to extend the voucher expiry date?

Unfortunately the expiration date cannot be extended, so please mind that you have 2 months for booking and this includes as well any session in the future. So only the reservation has to made within 2 months.


I have a reservation, but I cannot come in the time I booked. What can I do?

If you haven't payed the reservation yet, please just cancel the booking as soon as you know that you are not able to come so the time can be freed for other groups.

If you already payed the session, but you inform us through email 3 days before the date of your game, we can change your session date.

If someone had a payed reservation but had not shown up on the time, neither notified us 3 days in advance unfortunately would lose the reservation.


We are a group of more than 6 people. Can we play together in a session?

No. We have a limit to 6 people per session because the game is designed like this, and also because of physical space and number of tests we can not accept more people per session than 5.


Address: Estrada do Vilar, 73, VIGO
E-mail: vigo@parapark.es
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