ParaPark is a place that captivates many, and not just literally.

The rules are simple: you enter, and the site contains you. A countdown mechanism on the walls shows how much time remains. Every corner of the room, each element is a new puzzle: diabolical closures, puzzles, hidden objects and ingenuity will take you the way out.

To exit ParaPark teamwork is needed, but no force is required, it is sufficient if you have big brains.

Dig into our challenges with your peers!

Note that when the doors are closed, you will have 60 minutes to go!

* No language skills are required.

escape game


In ParaPark doors they are always closed. Only they will open to let you in and if you manage to solve the mystery, to give you back your precious freedom.

Teamwork is essential, so the games will be held for groups of 2 to 6 people. Without the merger of a team, one person never be able to solve the mystery. More than 6 people... is simply impossible for reasons of space.

We are proud to warn you that the excitement of ParaPark not in great effects of light and sound that test participants pacemakers. Do not expect big surprises that will zing together blood, no one appears hidden behind the corner... The adrenaline level do them here so you and your search for the piece that gets everything fits and copper sense. This, coupled with the unique opportunity to develop the most authentic teamwork, will experience absolutely unforgettable. So do not fear for your delicate hearts, ParaPark is suitable for all audiences. Of course, only those over 14 years old may participate alone of our adventure. Younger children should always have at least one adult companion in the team.

If they have parents, guardians, teachers or HR managers who are concerned for the physical and/or mental integrity of a participant specifically, you contact us: we are more than willing to convince them that the experience will be very positive and fun!


escape game

escape game


Address: Estrada do Vilar, 73, VIGO
Phone number: 661769438
E-mail: vigo@eskapark.com
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